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Download ebook Pro SQL server 2008 Mirroring free

Book Description of Pro SQL server 2008 Appress Book

Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring is a comprehensive guide to planning, use, implementation and maintenance of the database appears as a high availability option. Think you're protected by maintaining one or more copies of the database work for use in case your primary copy is damaged. This is an important part of a production-level, high availability solutions. This ebook covers the full spectrum of database mirroring, takes you through the implementation of the maintenance phase and then the planning phase.

* Easy step by step instructions for novice users and secondary
* In-depth, detailed information for advanced and experienced users
* Covers all phases of the database that the ongoing scheduled maintenance

What you learn

* Plan effectively for database mirroring. Learn how to ask questions and anticipate problems
* Get a step-by-step instructions on how to create database reflects
* Automate the initial installation and maintenance of databases reflect
* Database Mirroring Monitor, detect faults, and generate automated alerts
* Building a system that automatically responds to common problems and solutions
* Built-in support for missing aspects of the database mirroring, including support for the database of the interdependence
* Combined to define groups of databases for more mirrors, if only one of these databases are not
* Create an operational process, so that non-technical staff to manage the data reflect

Ebook Details

  1. Publisher of ebook: Apress   
  2. Pages of ebook: 400
  3. ISBN-10 of ebook: 1430224231
  4. ISBN-13 of ebook:  9781430224235
  5. Date of ebook: October 2009
  6. Author of Ebook: Robert  L Davis and Ken Simmons

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