Friday, December 16, 2011

Download ebook of Encyclopedia of Cryptography and security

Description of Encyclopedia of cryptography and security:

Expanded into two volumes, the second edition of Search. S Encyclopedia of cryptography and security from the scope of the latest and most complete information about cryptography and information security researchers effectively evaluate a number of experts and researchers in all areas and levels of investment in large resource of more than 700 Edition: 5643 references, more than twice as many references that appear in more than 300 new entries, the first edition appeared in AZ format, the Encyclopedia of cryptography and security easily available and intuitive information on all aspects of cryptography and security in the first critical edition. 464 S database information relevant to professionals and researchers in this. Categories of this report are fully selected and written out the pool and a well-known researchers in this field. Second Edition: s editorial now includes 34 scientists, which had expanded to 18 members of the first edition: Presenter scientists working in more than 30 countries, an encyclopedic scope is broad, covering everything such as authentication and identification Kvantkr├╝ptograafiat and web security. The text. S a practical style of teaching, but supports the investigation of any ideas, concepts and practical applications. Highly structured essay in this work are synonymous, and a discussion topic, a bibliography, and links to relevant literature. Great references to other entries within the encyclopedia to support an effective, search engine friendly with direct access to relevant information. Key concepts include: Encyclopedia of cryptography and authentication and identification security, numbers and letters river block, computer cases, copy protection Cryptanalysis and security of cryptographic protocols for electronic payment and digital certificates, an elliptic curve cryptography, factorization algorithms and tests for primality, Hash functions and MAC, historical systems, identity-based cryptography, smart cards, and management aspects of implementation, many of the calculations in such voting schemes, public key cryptography, Kvantkr├╝ptograafiat, secret sharing schemes, sequences, Web Security. Topic: data structures, cryptography and information theory, data coding, coding and information theory, Appl.Mathematics / software engineering methods and the complexity of the applications of mathematics,. This authoritative reference to be published in two formats: print and online. Online Edition features hyperlinks to cross-reference, unless scientific.

Book Details:
  1. ISBN-10 of book : 144195905X
  2. ISBN-13 of book: 9781441959058
  3. Publisher of book: Springer
  4. Pages of book: 1475
  5. Date of book: September 2011

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