Sunday, January 22, 2012

Download Ebook of Pro WCF 4 Practical Microsoft SOA implementation

Pro WCF 4 Practical Microsoft SOA implementation E-book Information

Pro WCF 4.0 Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to Windows Communication Foundation for SOA perspective, showing why WCF Service Oriented Architecture and development of this book gives a deep insight into the WCF, it has made. NET 4.0 as service discovery, routing service, simplified configuration, and other advanced features. Included are examples of this title, Assistant to the reader in understanding and implementing these important additions. This book also includes a unified programming model, reliable messaging, security and programming expertise-to-peer model. You will also learn how to submit your move. NET Remoting and WCF web applications and how to integrate these applications with WCF 4.0. This book gives a real insight to the real problems and NET 4.0 WCF to solve.
What can we learn
New features of WCF with NET 4.0.
  • Comprehensive WCF programming model.
  • If the administration and work on the WCF reliable messaging.
  • Transaction support in WCF implementation
  • Proposals to make WCF services interoperable with other SOA
  • Practicies good for the effective use of WCF.
  • Developing programs for WCF in Visual Studio 2010.
For this book

NET 4.0 has a wide variety of new WCF functionality. Developers and architects with experience in using WCF 3.5 or earlier, those who want to use this feature to their application to benefit from the discussion and code samples in this book: This book is a great resource for developers and architects of the basic concepts of new SOA or WCF.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Download ebook of beginning Silverlgith 3 by Rober Lair free

Book Description of Silverlight 3 Appress Edition by Rober Lair

Robert Lair you for a tour of all resources, including Microsoft Expression Design ', which plays an important role in the creation of Silverlight, Microsoft Expression Blend, which is used for elements of user interaction, Silverlight and Microsoft Visual Studio build management dieinteraksie pagitanmga designers and developers to ensure that the coding region of the "Nuts and Bolts" cable. When you mastered the basics, you still have more in-depth knowledge of some important features of the new technology, the expectations of Web 2.0 applications Silverlight.Kasvav Internet users for quality design, layout and functions for renewal. There is an atmosphere, which is released on Microsoft Silverlight 3, the third iteration of offering cross browser web technology, and other programs from the net. Start taking a cutting edge design for Sliverlight 3: Web 2.0 applications, and contains a practical guide for you to start right away to know what the use is necessary for the development of Silverlight 3 per paper and how communicates interact to produce good results, can learn. Discover new opportunities and encryption, providing you with a Silverlight developer tool, which distinguish it from other web development. This book will teach you all you need to know: Although there is a text that aims to design from Silverlight subject openly shows how to approach the designer and developer of applications, well-equipped to work seamlessly their colleagues (or even two, the text of a draft concurrency). About Apress Apress is a series of first choice to get the information you need to make a significant entry into the country. At the operational level, so if your goal is to make your next career challenge or a new opportunity to study, you have begun a series of Apress. It is a trusted guide through unfamiliar territory.

E-Book details

  • Publisher of ebook: Apress
  • Pages of ebook: 500
  • Date of ebook: December 2009
  • ISBN-10 of ebook: 1430223774
  • ISBN-13 of ebook: 9781430223771

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Download ebook C++ for Programmers Deitel Series free

Description of C++ Programmers Deitel series E-book

About 250,000 sold, Harvey and Paul Deitel'sC + + Programis as the world's best selling introduction to Programming in C + +. Now completely updated this classic. The authors of this publication in general tune-up object-oriented programming on performance. The new fourth edition of the code style, which uses an alternative background color code reader to focus on elements of the new program. The Deitels «C + +, so that the program, the most comprehensive and practical for C + + will not be published, hundreds of hands-on exercises, with about 250 projects completed and documented for easy learning and remarkable insight into programming practice, however, maximizing performance, avoiding errors, debugging and testing of a new fourth edition of OOD / UML UML to improve the standards of recent and significant improvements, with the exception handling and operator overloading chapters. features improved handling strings and arrays as objects earlier in the book using standard C + + classes, string and vector of the fourth edition of the basic concepts and techniques to keep the ANSI C + + developers need to master, control structures, functions, arrays, and pointers strings, classes and data abstraction, operator overloading, inheritance, virtual functions, polymorphism, I / O, templates, exception handling, file processing, data structures, and more: it also contains a detailed introduction to Standard Template Library (stl) containers, container adapters, algorithms, and iterators. accompanying CD-ROM includes all code books and software you need to learn C + + for those who want to learn C + +, C + + to increase the knowledge and master object-oriented C + + development.

Ebook Description

  1. Publisher of ebook: Prentice Hall  
  2. Pages of ebook: 1056
  3. Date of ebook: February 2009
  4. ISBN-10 of ebook: 0137001304
  5. ISBN-13 of ebook: 9780137001309

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Download ebook of Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers free

EBook Description of pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developer

The company creates stunning in PDF, Excel, and HTML integration with Pentaho Open Source Reporting Suite and generation of reports into existing programs allow you to hassleUse minimal data sources, Graphic Art, Graphic, top tabs, and sub-reportsDive far developed into Pentaho Reporting Engine XML Java API-s and dynamic job creation in many examples throughout the book to the subject of study for each retail Pentaho Reporting allows you to create, produce and distribute rich content and advanced reporting data from many sources. Through detailed examples, a hole in all aspects of Pentaho reporting function, which gives you the knowledge you need to create master reports, this book begins with several examples, so you are familiar with the tools and technology Pentaho Reporting Suite. Readers will learn the ins and outs of Pentaho Report Designer, including a cheat sheet of all the keyboard shortcuts that are available to sign designed to ensure that effective and painless way to integrate your Java applications can be difficult in this book provide examples of how your report J2EE and Java application integrate customers and show how dynamic reports from the initial Java Bean-based Pentaho Reporting API to build a simple report generation. Prepare a report server and integrate the business can be difficult: In addition to learning how to build a nested report, you will also learn how to combine Pentaho Reporting Pentaho BI Server code zero, which is very easy to control, enterprise reporting solution. What you will learn in this book: Install and run the report, which looks at the big build Pentaho reports as PDF, Excel and HTML using Pentaho Report DesignerLearn intricacies Pentaho Report Designer, including a list of keyboard shortcuts to quickly report your database and JDBC generationConfigure Other data sources are dynamic driving reportsInclude Pie, Bar, Line, and other types of graphs for your reports and other graphicsParameterize your report, using the open standard formula for calculating your reportsAdd sub-reports, and cross-Save the report will encourage the reporting of information design a more efficient and interactive and traditional HTML static build the company to report dashboards in Pentaho Reports XML and Java programming with ease, using the formula APIsLearn options open and your own graphic elements for the extension himself reportsWrite Pentaho Reporting provides complete integration and adaptation to the environment, or Why You have to use open source reporting, supply your own report (hint: it's free and you can change it), install the Pentaho BI server and install your approval and site plans with zero code: Chapter 1: Introduction to Pentaho Reporting - Get a brief description of Pentaho reports, including the summary of product characteristics and summarize the history and architecture. CHAPTER 2. Pentaho Reporting client and company examples, - Install and create reports and to find out the statement that you enter the Java J2EE applications and clients. Chapter 4 - Design and layout of the Pentaho Report Designer - Pentaho Report Designer is a deep dive to learn how to make a good representation. Chapter 6 includes tables and graphs in the report, Insert Pie, Bar, Line, and other kinds of diagrams and dynamic picture of you on your report: Chapter 10 API-based reports, making reports Pentaho Reporting XML and Java Bean API. Pentaho Reporting Chapter 12 other topics - Find out how BI Pentaho Reporting with Pentaho Server, including articles Pentaho to use.

Ebook details

    Date of ebook: September 2009
    Publisher of ebook: Packt Publishing
    ISBN-13 of ebook: 9781847193193
    ISBN-10 of ebook: 1847193196
    Pages of ebook: 300

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Click here to Download ebook Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers free
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Download ebook of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework 3.0

Book information of ASP.NET MVC Framework 3

ASP.NET MVC Framework 3 is the latest evolution of Microsoft's Web platform? S ASP.NET. You? Work by using an extended tutorial to create a working e-commerce website that combines ASP.NET MVC from the latest features of C # language and unit testing best practices to create. You can be sure that you are in safe hands is.Wat do? "It will have a good understanding of ASP.NET MVC architecture 3, including the basic MVC Framework ASP.NET MVC and MVC Explore as Test Driven Development in optimizing the operation of existing knowledge quickly and easily from a comparison of the characteristics of classical ASP. NET ASP.NET MVC Here are the latest security and deployment, including those related to IIS 7, this book is this book for web developers with a basic knowledge of ASP.NET and C # that will (or should ) start using the new ASP.NET MVC framework 3rd

Ebook of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework 3.0

  1. Date of ebook: June 2011
  2. Publisher of ebook: Apress
  3. ISBN-10 of ebook: 1430234040
  4. ISBN-13 of ebook: 9781430234043
  5. Pages of ebook: 820

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Click here to Download Ebook of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework 3.0
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Download ebook of Beginning ios 4 Application Development

Description of Beginning ios 4 Application Development Ebook

The ideal starting point to create applications that use IOS 4
Written by an experienced trainer and developer with Apple, this colorful reference serves as an ideal starting point to create applications, Apple iPhone IOS 4 - On, iPod touch and iPhone running. In addition to extensive coverage of IOS SDK, this book guides you through various aspects of the development of the iPhone and the iPad. You will learn how the tools used by Xcode to use and you can make a strong introduction to Objective-C, a smooth transition to the iPhone development platform for other uses.
Provides a sound basis for making an application, Apple's IOS 4
Contains all the features of the new 4 - IOS and development of new application templates for iPhone applications and iPhone
Focus on New iPhone software PopoverView
Shows how the context of development projects, a new functional IOS 4
Since IOS 4 Application Development application for creating your premier source for Apple's IOS 4.

Ebook details

    Publisher of ebook: Wrox Press
    Pages of ebook: 656
    Date of ebook: October 2010
    ISBN-10 of ebook: 0470918020
    ISBN-13 of ebook: 9780470918029

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Download ebook Pro SQL server 2008 Mirroring free

Book Description of Pro SQL server 2008 Appress Book

Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring is a comprehensive guide to planning, use, implementation and maintenance of the database appears as a high availability option. Think you're protected by maintaining one or more copies of the database work for use in case your primary copy is damaged. This is an important part of a production-level, high availability solutions. This ebook covers the full spectrum of database mirroring, takes you through the implementation of the maintenance phase and then the planning phase.

* Easy step by step instructions for novice users and secondary
* In-depth, detailed information for advanced and experienced users
* Covers all phases of the database that the ongoing scheduled maintenance

What you learn

* Plan effectively for database mirroring. Learn how to ask questions and anticipate problems
* Get a step-by-step instructions on how to create database reflects
* Automate the initial installation and maintenance of databases reflect
* Database Mirroring Monitor, detect faults, and generate automated alerts
* Building a system that automatically responds to common problems and solutions
* Built-in support for missing aspects of the database mirroring, including support for the database of the interdependence
* Combined to define groups of databases for more mirrors, if only one of these databases are not
* Create an operational process, so that non-technical staff to manage the data reflect

Ebook Details

  1. Publisher of ebook: Apress   
  2. Pages of ebook: 400
  3. ISBN-10 of ebook: 1430224231
  4. ISBN-13 of ebook:  9781430224235
  5. Date of ebook: October 2009
  6. Author of Ebook: Robert  L Davis and Ken Simmons

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